The Transformation Lab (TLab) supports 10 campus improvement teams in two cohorts to undertake measurable, sustainable, and scalable improvements within a Networked Improvement Community (NIC). Cohort 1 began its work in 2021 and consists of 4 campus improvement teams drawn from the Chancellor’s Office Learning Lab. Cohort 2 consists of 6 teams who joined CTEPP in 2022. These ten teams participate in TLab working sessions 4 times each year to share, collaborate, and accelerate their learning and progress. 

The Transformation Lab is part of the Improvement for Equity By Design (IExD) This link will take you to an external website in a new tab. Improvement Fellowship, a nationwide collective of educational improvers building improvement capacity together ” in service of a more just world.” The Educator Quality Center (EdQ) and partners serve as the support hub for the work, providing resources, coaching and facilitation of learning and collaboration. Using rubric-generated goals as a starting place, TLab participants engage in deeper work to understand the root causes and systemic factors influencing the areas they wish to improve, test changes, gather data and document their improvements. They are supported by an improvement coach throughout. Content expertise is provided by utilizing resources and experts both from within and outside of the CSU

A key product of each team’s work after their second year in the Lab is the documentation of their learning and progress in a change package.

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Education Quality Center

Dr. Paul Tuss, Director

Dr. Ginger Adams Simon, Data and Improvement