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CTEPP is organized into two cohorts. Cohort 1 began their work in 2021 and consists of 4 campus improvement teams drawn from the Chancellor’s Office Learning LabThis link will take you to an external website in a new tab.. Cohort 2 consists of 6 teams who joined CTEPP in 2022. These ten teams participate in TLab working sessions 4 times each year to share, collaborate, and accelerate their learning and progress. 

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Team Humboldt

Transforming training and support for clinical supervisors with a focus on quality, equity-centered feedback to candidates.

Team Humboldt Project

team humboldt

Team Co-Leads:
Dr. Elizabeth Miller, Department Chair
Dr. James Woglom, Faculty, Elementary Education

Heather Ballinger, SED Program Lead
Sarah Green, Program Coordinator
Maggie Peters, Karuk & Yurok Cultural Preservationist

Team Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Transforming hiring and retention of Latinx completers through partnership with County HR directors.

Team Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo team

Team Co-Leads:
Dr. Natasha Neumann, Assistant Professor & Co-Coordinator Educational Leadership and Administration Program
Dr. Andrea Somoza-Norton, Associate Professor & Co-Coordinator Educational Leadership and Administration Program

Virginia McMunn, Assessment Coordinator and CTEPP Continuous Improvement Lead
Traice Muguira, Clinical Practice Coordinator and CTEPP District Partner Liaison
Juan Olivarria, Teacher Education Faculty
James Brescia, Superintendent SLOCOE and LEA partner
Kristin Olson Brideford, Teacher Education Faculty

Team Bakersfield

Transforming training and support for clinical supervisors with a focus on more equitable support for Black candidates.

Team Cal State Bakersfield

team bakersfield

Team Lead:
Dr. Shaylyn Marks, Director, Single Subject Credential Program

Anaya Lee, Coordinator & Multiple Subject Lecturer
Dr. Sarana Roberts, Assistant Professor of the Special Education Program
Robin Valente, Multiple and Single Subject Lecturer

Team Cal State Northridge

Transforming recruitment strategies with a focus on increasing application and enrollment of BIPOC candidates.

Team Cal State Northridge Project

team northridge

Team Co-Leads:
Dr. Julie Gainsburg, Chair, Single Subject Credential Programs
Joshua Einhorn, Grants Administrator

Shari Tarver-Behring, Dean
Jaclyn Kietzman, Recruitment Coordinator
Tina Torres, Director, Credential Office
Alex Hollet, Assistant Professor, Elementary Ed.
Amy Hanreddy, Professor, Special Ed.
Ian Carroll, Web Developer
Pete Goldschmidt, Professor, Dept. of Ed. Psych & Counselling
Carlos Valdovinos, Assist. Principal: Northridge Academy H.S.

Team CSU Chico

CSU Chico

Team Leads:
Erin Whitney -
Nora Aguilar-McKay -

Dr. Ben Seipel, Continuous Improvement Lead and Data Professional
Dr. Catherine Lemmi, Teacher Education Faculty
Dr. Claudia Bertolone-Smith, Teacher Education Faculty
Corey Willenberg, District Partner

Team Sacramento State

Sacramento State

Team Lead:
Mimi Coughlin-

Margarita Berta-Avila
Karina Figueroa-Ramirez
Pete Benitti
Deidre Sessoms
Omar Field-Ridley


Team CSU Long Beach

CSU Long Beach

Team Lead:
Rebecca Bustamante -

Team Stanislaus State

Team Stanislaus State

Team Leads:
Cassandra Drake -
Shannon Panfilio-Padden -

Ana York, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
Fallon Ferris, Equity and Invention Specialist
Laurie Hulin, Senior Director, School Leadership

Team Cal State Los Angeles

Cal State Los Angeles

Team Leads:
Agustin Cervantes -
Ezekiel Joubert -

Team Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona

Team Leads:
DaveNeumann -
Sara Juarez -

Amy Gimino, Continuous Improvement
Taylor Quinn, Data Guru