Team Cal State Northridge

KTE 1: Building University and School District Partnerships

CSU EPPs form deep partnerships with school districts and create a shared vision of effective K-12 instruction that includes a mutual commitment to the recruitment, preparation, support, and retention of teachers who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Aim: In order to increase the diversity of teacher candidates prepared by CSUN and better match the demographics of employer districts, by Fall 2023, we will increase rates of Black and Latinx applicants to 5% and 55% of the total respectively.

Key Leverage Areas Being Addressed: Team CSUN has tested a variety of strategies to generate more applications from Black and Latinx candidates. These include social media and infographics that dispel myths about the teaching profession and high-touch follow-up for candidates attending information sessions. They are also testing ways to create a greater sense of belonging in the community for BIPOC candidates, including racial affinity groups.

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