Aspiring teachers who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color thrive in our programs

This is a bold but attainable vision. Programs seeking to make this vision a reality often face some of the questions posed below. In responding to those questions, we have curated personal testimonies and other resources for your consideration.

Q: We contend that centering BIPOC epistemology and experiences in our curriculum will improve the experience of all candidates, especially BIPOC, in our program. What are strategies for transforming the curriculum in this manner?

Q: We study exit survey data and use it to understand BIPOC experiences in our program, but that is after the fact. What are strategies for understanding their experience during the program so changes can be made?

Q: We are concerned about attrition among our BIPOC candidates. What are effective retention strategies?

Q: We struggle to find high-quality placements with BIPOC teachers. How can we expand our pool of mentors to include more BIPOC in-service teachers?

Q: We feel challenged to balance the desire to center our BIPOC faculty in our program (as instructors, leaders, etc.) and minimize cultural taxation. How do we proceed?

BIPOC Teacher Recruitment and retention